About us

Hi there!

We are Matt and Nina, the husband and wife power duo behind Artsefact!

We are artists with a focus on endangered and extinct nature and wildlife, using different kinds of media, such as watercolors, ink, pastels and acrylic. We are passionate about bringing JOY to YOU (and us, while we're at it😉 of course) by offering mid-range priced prints of our originals, as well as premium priced limited edition prints and originals to spruce up YOUR space.

Conservation of plants and animals is a passion project of ours and through our art we hope to spread awareness, as well as do a little good by donating parts of the proceeds towards charities who stand for conservation of habitats and species. Our long-term goal is to open our own non-profit charity one day.

So join us on our art journey, where you will explore different media and crafts along with us. While we focus on nature and wildlife, we are rebels at heart and love trying new things, so don’t be surprised about the odd one out tutorial about something entirely different .

We are creatives, explorers, nature-lovers, coffee-addicts, foodies, weirdos, travelers, gamers, dreamers, horseback riders, jacks/janes of all trades and masters of some.