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It's not just Art and it shouldn't be for you either!

It’s passion, it’s expression, it’s a piece of ourselves that flows into each brush stroke, each pencil line, each piece carefully put together.

It should speak to YOUR emotions, connect with YOUR inner self, and give YOU a way to express yourself in turn.

You don’t want to slab just any piece of art on your wall, you want something that reflects you and makes you feel a certain way.

This is what we are here for, to guide you, connect with you, and help you find YOUR special piece!

As an added bonus you can help us spread awareness about endangered and extinct species! Part of our profits will be donated to organizations helping such species!

The Endearing Tale of Easter Bunnies
When it comes to Easter festivities, there are a few icons such as the Easter bunny. From the bushy tail...
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A Tale of Two Frogs
Once upon a time, in the realm of folklore and fairy tales, there existed a charming story of love known...
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They Have a Dream
As we remember the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., we reflect on the impact his dream had on a society...
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The Red-Nosed Hero
The holidays bring us a sense of joy, warmth, food, and timeless traditions. One beloved tradition is...
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How to create Colorful Ink Paintings
Artwork Copyright by Nina Garza/Artsefact LLC This year for Inktober I wanted to get a bit more courageous...
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Flocks of Courage
What do Benjamin Franklin, the Turkey, and the Gunnison Grouse have in common?    Read on for an interesting...
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Arts & crafts is my happy place! It's where I get to let loose, try new things and challenge myself without any outside pressure.